Our programs

Beyond DV is the provider of two distinct programs- one focussing on children, the other on women.

Bright Start

Our first program will focus on helping children transition into new schools when relocating from a domestic violence situation.

Through referral from Brisbane Domestic Violence Service, we will provide support to families by:

  • Meeting with the mother to ascertain which school the children will attend and to determine what the specific needs of each child may be, including counselling for PTSD/anxiety/depression, support with behaviour issues, learning support and disability support.
  • Arranging an enrolment meeting with the new school and accompanying the family to the meeting to advise the school about the specific needs of each child and to work together to ensure optimal placement/support within the school.
  • Determining the physical items that each child will need to start school- uniforms, book list items etc. Schoolstuff book supplies have agreed to supply all book list items at cost price and RizeUp charity have agreed to partner with us to pay for all items needed.
  • Liaising with the Department of Education & Training to ensure that available support is offered/provided to the school so that they can best support the family.
  • Attending school drop-off with the family on the first day to provide emotional support for the mother and ensure smooth transition of each child into their new class.
  • Providing an ongoing point of contact for the family and school to ensure the children are able to continue their education in the safest and most supportive environment possible.

Time Out

Our Time Out program encourages women to rebuild their self-confidence and take the next step towards realising their full potential.

Working with the individual DV refuges and DV support organisations, personal development workshops are delivered over two days.

Guest presenters, who are experts in their field, provide practical hands-on activities. Topics include goal setting, job readiness, personal image/style, haircare, basic skincare & make-up and healthy life habits.

In the week following the completion of the workshop, the women celebrate with other DV survivors and members of the community at an “empowerment lunch”.

After a makeover (hair, makeup, clothing), women are met by community representatives in a Brisbane restaurant, allowing them to not only have an enjoyable experience but to also increase their support network and come away with a renewed sense of optimism for the possibilities of their future lives.

How Can You Help?

Beyond DV has a number of ways that businesses and individuals can help us provide these life changing service programs to the survivors.