Dress To Express

How fabulous do we feel when we wear our favourite outfit?

Sadly, many community members in abusive relationships don’t get to choose what they wear. This is one of the most common forms of coercive control.
In partnership with Brisbane Fashion Festival, join Beyond DV in the Queen Street Mall on Friday 30 August for “Dress to Express” Day.

How do I get involved?

Join us in the Queen Street Mall for "Dress to Express" Day or hold your own "Dress to Express" event at your home, school or workplace

Join us in the Queen Street Mall for "Dress to Express" Day

Join us in the Queen Street Mall on Friday 30 August for Dress to Express (300 participants only)

  1. To register for Dress to Express Day in the Queen St Mall, click on the link or use the QR code below.
  2. Pay the $30 registration fee (including photo and goody bag). You can also choose to make an additional donation at this time
  3. The Beyond DV team will be in touch to confirm your registration & attendance details

Hold a “Dress to Express”

  1. Register yourself, your school, workplace or community organisation by clicking the “REGISTER” button below
  2. Once registered, you can download the relevant resource kit the Beyond DV team have provided to help you prepare for the event
  3. Promote the event widely through your school, workplace or community organisation
  4. The Beyond DV team will be in touch to see how your preparation is going
  5. Hold your unique “Dress to Express” event on Friday 30 August (or on any day during that week!)
  6. Take photos of the event and post on social media using the #dresstoexpressaus
  7. Collect donations from participants/sponsors
  8. Forward donations collected to Beyond DV via the “DONATE” button on this page. A tax-deductible receipt will automatically be issued.

Sign up your organisation for the “Dress to Express” Event
Registrations open on Saturday 15th June

About Beyond DV…
Beyond DV is a Brisbane based charity that was established in 2017 by teacher Carolyn Robinson after her daughter, an International Fashion Model and Business Graduate, was impacted by domestic violence.
Beyond DV’s main focus is on DV Prevention- both tertiary and primary.  
We support women and children to rebuild their lives, free from violence, through our innovative recovery programs and services, delivered from multiple secure locations across Brisbane and from our HOPE Hub at Westfield Carindale. 
We also educate the community through our DV Awareness sessions delivered to schools, corporate organisations, sporting groups and other community groups and through our highly acclaimed Love&Learn Teen Relationship App.
The desire to turn a negative experience into one which brings hope for a violence-free society will continue to be our driving force.

Dress to Express Ambassadors

  • The Lady Mayoress of Brisbane Nina Schrinner
  • Sally Steele, Fashion Stylist and Author
  • Cassandra Robinson, International Fashion Model and Survivor Advocate
DV statistics

How common is coercive control in Australia?An estimated 2.2 million adult women or 1 in 4 women (23 per cent of the adult female population) and 1.4 million adult men or 1 in 6 men (16 per cent) have experienced emotional abuse, also known as coercive control, by a partner at some point since the age of 15.
Coercive Control is a pattern of abusive and controlling behaviour used to undermine a person’s sense of self and to create fear.

What types of control can be seen in abusive relationships?

  • Controlling what a person wears or how they look
  • Controlling who a person sees and/or when/where they can see them
  • Limiting outside involvement in activities
  • Stalking a person- tracking their movements and/or checking up on them
  • Bombarding a person with phone calls, text messages and emails
  • Controlling money and finances
  • Making all the big decisions eg where to live
  • Minimising or denying abuse- gaslighting
  • Making threats to harm people/pets or to self-harm
  • Using intimidation eg destroying property
  • Using verbal abuse- name calling and/or put-downs

Where can I get help for myself or someone I know?

  • 1800RESPECT- National sexual assault, family and domestic violence counselling line
  • DVConnect Womensline- Queensland sexual, domestic and family violence helpline for men 1800 811 811
  • DVConnect Mensline- Queensland sexual, domestic and family violence helpline for men 1800 600 636
  • Men’s Referral Service- National helpline for men who use violence 1300 766 491
  • HOPE Hub Westfield Carindale- Face-to-face information, referral and support for all community members. Open seven days a week 0434 851 964
  • Love&Learn App- free resource to help raise awareness of signs of healthy/unhealthy relationships. Available on Apple & Android